Marek’s Fine art collection of prints includes some of his favourite images from over 10 years of field work.

If you are looking for something original, this collection is the right category for you! It is the perfect way to decorate a stylish interior, as well as a great idea for a sophisticated gift.

Prints are limited, numbered and hand-signed by author. Each of them comes with an invoice that proves authenticity.

If you have a personal favourite that is not included in this collection, or you want a custom order feel free to ask.

We work with Master Printing Studio located in Poznan, Poland that adhere to the highest standards of the print industry.

We use Canson® Platine Fibre Rag 310g paper, which is the combination of the premium 100% cotton Platinum paper with the latest microporous coating. It meets the most exacting requirements for aging resistance, accurate depiction of color and detail, coupled with sharp contrasts and deep blacks.

We use Premium Archival Ink which combines the lightfastness, stability and waterfastness advantages of conventional pigment inks, with the wide color range, durability and multimedia selection of dye inks.

We suggest to keep the print protected in its original packaging until it is framed. Please bring the print rolled in its tube to your preferred frame shop. This ensures the print will be handled by trained professionals and framed properly.
Framing behind glass is the ideal destination for your print and provides the ultimate physical protection for it.
To best preserve the print color and durability we suggest you use non-reflective museum glass (UV-filter or acrylic) and avoid hanging the framed print in direct sunlight.

Should you wish to unfold the print at home, please follow these instructions:
• Fine art prints are delicate so avoid touching the print surface with bare hands as the moisture and oils from your skin can affect print quality. To avoid damage hold prints by the edge or wear cotton gloves while holding them.
• Keep your print dry, cool and out of direct sunlight. Big swings in temperature and humidity aren't good so avoid them if you can.

All products are carefully packed for shipment. We use courier delivery only.
All standard prints ship from our store normally within 3 - 4 business days of your order.
For special orders or personalized items shipment time might be longer max. up to 30 business days of your order.
To take pictures, I sometimes take part in photo expeditions to remote places. During my absence, I am unable to send ordered prints. In such cases, I will process the order immediately upon my return home.
In general, wait times average two weeks, from ordering to delivery.